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  • CARES is the ONLY FAA approved harness-type child safety restraint.
  • CARES is designed for children who weigh between 22-44 lbs who can sit in their own airplane seat. (approximately  1 – 5 years old)
  • CARES takes the place of a car seat when traveling by air with your children and provides an equivalent level of safety (ELOS) to a car seat.
  • CARES weighs less than 1 pound (11 ounces).
  • CARES comes in a 6 inch stuff sack that fits in a pocket or purse. (Car seats are over 2 feet high, 20 inches wide, heavy, bulky and hard to carry)
  • CARES is designed specifically for air travel: it is portable, light weight and easy to use.
  • CARES takes one minute to install on any airplane seat and augments the safety of the regular lap belt.
  • Parents who need the car seat at the other end of trip can ship it through as luggage, and carry their CARES on board.
  • CARES has been certified by the National Air Authorities in Canada (TC), the UK (CAA), France (DGAC), Australia (CASA), New Zealand (CAA),  Singapore (CAAS), Japan (JCAB), United Arab Emirates (GCAA), and Oman (DGCAM). It is also approved for use by many international airlines.


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