What Countries have certified CARES?

May 25th, 2012

United States – (FAA) Federal Aviation Administration

CARES is FAA approved (to be carried on and installed by passengers) on U.S.-registered Part 23 and Part 25 (commercial and general aviation) aircraft for any of their domestic or international routes. No aircraft operator may prohibit a child from using an approved child restraint system (CRS) when a seat has been purchased for the child. If the approved CRS does not fit in a particular seat, it is the responsibility of the aircraft operator to accommodate the CRS in another seat in the same class of service.

Many countries follow the same or adapt regulations based on the FAA regulations. However, the FAA regulations only apply to those airlines under its jurisdiction, i.e. U.S. based air carriers. In other countries it’s a little different. Regulatory authorities around the world have approved the use of AmSafe CARES restraint. However, CARES is considered “carry-on” equipment (same as car seats) and is not really regulated by aviation authorities. Each airline may set their own rules based on staff training and aircraft type. Most airlines specify that if a parent wishes to use a child restraint system (CRS) they may do so, provided the CRS meets certain standards. Usually standards approved are based on Motor Vehicle safety standards (for car seats) AND/OR standards approved for Aviation use by a regulatory agency such as FAA, TC (Transport Canada) or CAA (UK Civil Aviation Authority). In some cases the airlines specify, by name, which CRS’ are approved for use. We always recommend that travelers check the website or contact the airline regarding the use of a CRS on a particular aircraft.

Air Authorities that have approved the use of CARES:

Canada  (TC) Transport Canada

United Kingdom  (CAA) Civil Aviation Authority

France  (DGAC) Directorate General for Civil Aviation

Australia  (CASA) Civil Aviation Safety Authority

New Zealand (CAA)  Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand

Japan (JCAB) Japanese Civil Aviation Bureau

Oman (DGCAM) Sultanate of Oman, Ministry of Transport & Communications, Civil Aviation Affairs, Directorate General of Civil Aviation and Meteorology

Additionally, EASA has reviewed the CARES restraint system and has deemed that this is an acceptable child restraint device in accordance with JAR-OPS 1.730 and ACJ 1.730. Under JAR-OPS 1.730(a)(3) any CRD that is approved for use in aircraft by the FAA on the basis of a US national standard and is marked accordingly is deemed to be acceptable. In 2008 JAR-OPS was replaced by EU-OPS which approves it based on the same criteria.