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avatarWe purchased our first CARES over a year ago for our daughter. I found it searching the internet for travel seats. It was so much easier to use this than a car seat or having to fight her to sit still on our laps. When we first started using it even flight attendants would come by to inspect it. A few even wanted proof that it was ok to use! On almost every flight we take someone stops to ask about it. On our flight to KC in June even the pilot came out to see it and helped put the kids in their seats. I just ordered our second one for our son. I can't tell you how much easier this makes flying. Our daughter is so used to being strapped in in the car that she just sits right down and straps herself in when we fly.

avatarI just wanted to say that CARES is one of the best items I have ever purchased for my child. I wish it came out sooner. I have done lots of traveling with my now three year old son, due to the military. I traveled many times just my son and I, while his dad was on deployment, and every time I had to manage my son, my bags, and my son's car seat. I am so thankful for this new device. I now check his car seat as luggage and put his CARES in my purse. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT.

avatarHi. I am a mother of identical twin boys. When we planned our first vacation one of the biggest setbacks was the mount of stuff we had to bring. I was on southwest Airlines web site and there was a link to your web page. I was sooo happy! To eliminate the 2 car seats was wonderful. Everyone at Southwest was very nice and happy to see the CARES system and how it worked. Since our first trip last year we have used CARES 2 more times and it was wonderful! Thank you for all your time and effort in creating CARES, you have helped make travel for my family more enjoyable.

avatarWe purchased CARES just before leaving for Europe to see family. We could not see carrying a car seat even though we travel with carry on only. We had 8 flights on United, Air France and BMI. We never needed to show documents. Geoffrey loves it. Great product!

avatarThe CARES restraint was SO much better than flying with a car seat. We were on a 6 hour flight to Hawaii. After take-off my son Sam (age 2) fell asleep in it. I gave him a neck pillow and he slept that way comfortably for several hours. The biggest bonus for me was that I didn't have to worry about him kicking the seat in front of him. We have taken long flights before (12 hours to Hong Kong) and this was such an issue. In the car seat he was sitting so much further forward that he would constantly bump the seat in front of him with his little feet. Try telling an 18 month old that he needs to hold his feet still. Also with his car seat, his tray table was not usable, again because of the space issue. It really helped that he had his own tray this time around. Another bonus was that it was much more comfortable for me sitting next to him and interacting with him. In his car seat I would constantly have to lean forward to make eye contact and speak to him, since the side of the car seat was a barrier between us. I felt like he very secure in CARES. We took it off for awhile, but because it's so much like his car seat belt, he understood that he needed to put it back on for landing. Thanks for a great product. No more lugging the car seat down the aisle for me! (Check out that leg room in the attached photo. As an adult you only get that in first class)

avatarI love the CARES harness. My 4 year old is autistic. It is very difficult to keep an autistic child in their seat with just the airline lap belt because they don't always understand why they have to stay seated. CARES has made flying so much easier for us!

avatarWe were just on a trip to Florida last week. It was the first time we used our CARES harness. Zoe had no problem sitting with it at all... and it was so easy to use. I'm recommending it to everyone I know who travels! Thanks so much!

New Jersey
avatarThanks for your product, we love it! I thought that I would share this photo from February to show our daughter, Clara, using her CARES in Business Class on our way to Spain. she calls it her "airplane seatbelt, like a fighter pilot."

avatarWhen we fly with CARES, we know our kids are safe. And we love that they carry their CARES themselves!

avatarHello, I wanted to let you know that I heard about CARES through one of the airline magazines. I was desperate to buy one after I hauled my son's Britax carseat by myself onto the airplane and then managed to get it stuck. The flight attendants had to call the maintenance crew on to get the seat out from the seatbelt at 9:45 p.m. while I held my sleeping little guy. It was a disaster that I will never repeat. We used our CARES for the first time last week. I loved it! Thank you for your idea. It is a lifesaver.