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avatarThis is a fabulous product. I have used it on two separate round trip flights across to the country. Flight attendants and passengers alike are fascinated by this clever adapter. I am very happy with the easy of use, and of course, the extra layer of safety provided - anything for the care and welfare of my little sweetie.

I work for a major airline and saw a passenger using the CARES restraint. I thought to myself what a great idea for little children. My daughter has been flying since she was 10 weeks old. I recently purchased the restraint and used it on a flight to Jacksonville, FL. I must say it is a wonderful product my daughter thinks she is getting in her car seat when we get on airplanes now. She is only 2 years old and loves it. Thank you for the great product.

avatarWe ordered this for our 16 month old son to go to Hawaii. It was wonderful! On the long flight over (12 hours) he was so comfortable being able to stretch out! This picture was from one of our inter-island flights. On every flight we got comments from the flight crew on how great the CARES was! It is SO much better than lugging a car seat through the airport! I look forward to many more flight with this!

Rhode Island
avatarI purchased CARES 4 weeks ago when I planned on flying solo with my 2 year old daughter. I had wondered how to keep her safe, keep her in her seat and keep my sanity while juggling 2 carry-ons, a stroller, a carseat AND my toddler onto the plane. I was so grateful to discover this aviation restraint system. It was SO easy to use, my 29 pound daughter sat comfortably for the duration of 8 airplane rides in the last 4 weeks. It gave her a lot more space than a car seat, plus she couldn't kick the back of the seat in front of her. It also allowed her access to the tray table - something that was impossible with our car seat. The 5-point harness gave me peace of mind knowing that she was as secure as possible. I even dozed off during one flight and when I woke up...you betcha, she was right there where I left her...watching her little DVD player in her CARES. I have recommended this product to all of my friends and family. You cannot go wrong! Thanks!!!

avatarWe flew to Disney in November 2008, with our 3 year old daughter. She loved CARES as you can see in the picture. She felt like she was a big girl because she was able to sit in the actual airplane seat, but also felt like she was in her car seat because CARES buckled the same way. Thank you for making our 1st airplane trip a HUGE success. Everytime my daughter sees an airplane in the sky she says "mommy can we go on the airplane again and see Cinderella?" My answer, yes! and we are this November 2009 and we will be using CARES again!!

avatarThis is a fantastic device that we have used from the UK to the States and also to many European Cities. I would never fly without one now, it's a must have for families.

United Kingdom
avatarWe purchased the Cares seat belt for our 2 yr old daughter for our Feb 2009 trip to Disney World. It was way easier then lugging our huge and heavy car seat with us. Our Daughter is 30 lbs & 36 inches Tall. She fit very well with the belt. She did slide down a little at times but it was very easy to re-adjust her and she didn't seem to mind. The belt worked great for our daughter and for us!

avatarWe had to purchase the CARES suddenly last year, on very short notice - the staff was very helpful and got it shipped to the west coast pronto. American Airlines was completely cooperative at that time. Since then we have used the CARES on several different airlines with no problems at all. We have never had anything but positive responses from crew and fellow passengers. Easiest thing in the world to use, and the toddler is so proud to have their own seat! We think it is a great confidence boost to the child, as well as being easy on grandparents! Thank you for a great product.

Mark and Beth
avatarI was in a complete panic planning our son's first flight, thinking of hauling a bulky Britax carseat. Thankfully, I stumbled upon CARES just prior to our first flight and we've been using it ever since. My 16 month old son, Ethan, has now flown with it on US Airways, Great Lakes, Midwest Airlines, Continental and Air France. I always carry a copy of the FAA rules, the CARES information (that comes with it) and a copy of the airline's website stating it is accepted on their aircraft. I've never had a problem, even out of country. For a frequent flyer, this harness was a Godsend and the best money I ever spent!

avatarHere is a picture of us with our Daughter Maile Joy asleep in the Cares harness. This was on a 5 hour flight back to CA from Hawaii. CARES rocks and was so much easier than using a car seat. My only regret is I didn't find out about it and buy it sooner for our previous trips. CARES works for us!