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avatarOur son Tyler used CARES for his trip to Asia when he was 2 years old. He was very comfortable while being safely secured to the seat, which was a great help as it was a long flight.

New York
avatarI am a single mom of a 4 year old son & 19 month old daughter and I fly at least 2-3 times a year. I bought the CARES seat belt for my son when he was about 2 and it is AWESOME! It is difficult enough trying to maneuver through lines, security, on to the plane, etc by myself with 2 kids, CARES is a lifesaver because I honestly don't know how I would manage to get 2 carseats on as well!! I have raved about this for years & friends have borrowed mine & then immediately bought one for themselves...I'm about to buy a 2nd one now that my daughter is getting too much to handle on my lap & will need her own seat! Thank you CARES for making it easier for a single mom to continue traveling "with ease"

I traveled with my 23.5 month old this past week to Disneyland. This item is fantastic!! Literally took seconds to install, and she was comfortable and happy. Fit easily into the front pocket of the back pack we use as our carry on. The flight crew seemed to be familiar with the product as they did not seemed at all surprised to see it. We have many air trips planned over the next few months. The Cares safety harness will make all the difference to her and me. Thanks!!

Our 2-year old used CARES on a recent vacation involving 4 flights, and it was worth every penny for containment and entertainment value! This was her first trip with her own seat, so we practiced getting buckled up on the airplane at home prior to our trip so she would understand what to expect when getting on the plan. Once seated, she got herself buckled in and then told other boarding passengers to "buckle your seat belt"! I would definitely recommend this product to my friends with young children.

avatarWe flew with both boys recently in our newly purchased CARES. We couldn't have been more pleased! We felt that they were safe, and the boys were sooo proud to be in their own seats and carrying their own harnesses on the plane with them. What a great product! Now we can concentrate our effort on our family during our travels and not on things we have to lug along with us (such as car seats).

Michael & Nancy
We fly 4 hours about every 6 months to visit grandparents. We have twin girls under the age of 5. I actually have flown on several flights with just myself and the girls because it is that much easier with the use of this restraint. We check the car seats and walk through the airport with ease. I have seen my girls ride through turbulance with and without their CARES and there is no doubt that the flights where they had their CARES were much easier on them. CARES provides safety, security and familiarity for them. Thanks CARES, you have cut our time at security check points in half and given my children added protection. I no longer stress bout getting through the airport with "ALL THAT STUFF". The kids take their wheeled backpacks, I take the CARES in my bag and of we go!

avatarWe used the harnesses for our flight from Boston to Madrid. They were very easy to use and my twins loved them. Gracias!

I just wanted to write and say how convenient and easy it was to use our CARES. We just got back from a trip to the Bahamas(2 separate flights) with our 2 1/2 year old. We flew US Airways without any problems (June 2009). Attaching and detaching was totally easy. At first I didn't know how much time it would take to set it up, but it turned out to be very simple and quick. The strap in no way bothered the passenger directly behind our daughter and it was also simple to disassemble and exit the plane, rather than wait and and be the last ones off because of a big cumbersome carseat. Our daughter was comfortable enough to fall asleep in it, and it was great to not lug our big carseat onto the plane. I don't write many reviews of products, but I had to tell others of this positive experience. You won't be disappointed.

avatarHello. I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful product. My two year old son and I have just completed a family vacation using the CARES harness. It is wonderful! Several passengers asked about the product and wanted to watch as I installed it. They were overloaded with carseats, luggage, and strollers. I even gave your card to one of the flight attendants who'd heard of the product but had never seen it in operation. She really liked it and discussed possibly purchasing for her son. Here is a picture of my son, Kinley, enjoying your product.

avatarMy husband purchased this for our 18 month son. It is very easy to use. My son loved having his own seat. We have traveled so much with him holding him began to be just to much and buying a FAA approved car seat on top of the two we had already wasn't my first choice. This is easy to travel with which is one less thing to have to worry about. Thanks.