What Users Say

avatarEver since we first used CARES my daughter has assisted me when we strap her in. She loves to buckle her chest straps herself. This is a great product.

New York
avatarI thought I would never be able to travel with Palmer [who has special needs]. Now when we do fly, I know that Palmer is safe and CARES literally fits into my purse. It helps us have an easier family flying experience."

avatarHello, I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your product. The CARES restraint makes air travel with our 3 year old son so much easier. It reminds him of his car seat, so he feels more secure. And it brings peace of mind to his daddy and me. The flight attendants on our recent Southwest Airlines flights were very interested in CARES as they had heard about it but never seen one. I handed out several CARES business cards to flight attendants and other passengers. Thanks for a fantastic product.

New Mexico
avatarWe have been using Cares ever since it was approved by the FAA and we love it! Our daughters are 18 months apart and without cares we would have been lugging 2 car seats through airports all across the country! It has been a lifesaver!!!! Thanks!

avatarOur friendly SAS flight attendant had never seen the harness before. As I was getting ready to defend its usage, he told me that he thought it looked like a great device and was very happy to let us use it. Katja (15 months) was proud to occupy her own seat in it.

So happy to see this product. My wife and I always purchased seats for our daughters and would lug their car seats on the plane. So relieved to see this product. Can't wait to use it on our trip to Florida.

avatarThanks so much for this product. I was afraid to fly with my child since the idea of the car seat and all the other gear involved was so daunting. The CARES system is so easy to use and a wonderful option. It is so much more comfortable for both my son and myself on the plane than strapping in the big car seat. This is a wonderful product that I have begun telling all of my friends about. Thank you!

This product is great! Easy to use and no lugging the dreaded car seat on the plane. Travel with a squirmy toddler is now much easier.

I just wanted to let you know that I have traveled extensively (Samuel has around 100,000 miles in just the last 18 months) on Lufthansa and we have never had a problem using CARES. We have traveled within Europe as well as between Germany and the US. In the last two years, we have traveled on pretty much every major US airline and quite a few European flag carriers as well - the only one that would not allow use was Air Berlin and that was well over a year ago.

Walton-on-Thames, UK
We've been using CARES for 3 years now (our daughter is 5) and can't imagine flying without it. I know Sophia feels more safe and secure with it. Just this week in the news an airplane encountered severe turbulence, injuring many on board. I am confident that if that were to happen to us while flying, that our daughter would be safe. Thank you for developing this idea!