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avatarThank you so much for your great invention. This is a must as I travel a lot with my son. In Asia, I had some problems with Korean Airline but they backed down after I showed the FAA documents. I'll be flying on a domestic flight tomorrow in Indonesia and plan to use CARES again. Can't thank you enough for the best invention ever and for a great customer service you've been providing to parents all over the world!

avatarEvery now and then you run across a product that truly revolutionizes your world. This is one of them! I used the CARES system for the first time over the Christmas holidays when I flew alone with my 2 year old. The last time I flew with her, it was so stressful lugging the car seat, carry-on's and her all by myself. This system worked beautifully and she was perfectly comfortable in it. CARES has given us the freedom to travel by air and has been worth every penny. Thank you and I will recommend this product to everyone!

The Murphys
North Carolina
avatarI must say that this is the best product EVER for restraining children for air travel. I traveled with my 3 year old son by myself a few times to Florida and after the first experience with carrying his car seat on the plane, I was adamant that would be the last time I attempt to do that. With CARES, I have less to worry about in regards to carrying a big bulky seat on and telling my son I can't hold him because I have to carry the seat. I now travel with ease and my son gets excited that he has his own seat belt to carry on the plane. He also assists with buckling himself in. And to answer the question for parents, Yes, CARES even fits on first class seats as seen in this picture of my son! If I had more then two thumbs, I would give all thumbs up to CARES for their assistance in making travel for parents and kids that much more enjoyable. Thank you so much!!

avatarWe are a military family and go to a lot of different places. We recently were stationed in Okinawa, Japan. I decided to buy this belt and it was AMAZING. No hassle carrying the big car seat on and off the planes, and my daughter stayed in her seat the whole time. It was a long, long flight but CARES made it very easy!

avatarThis pic was taken during our flight from Jakarta to Hong Kong (about 4+ hrs). The CARES were just wonderful in a few ways: 1. The kids think the CARES were so cool, because it's their own, because the pilots wear them (they visited the cockpit),and the flight attendants also wear them. Made the kids feel like part of the crew. 2. We think it's wonderful, because, it keeps our very very active boy in his seat most of the time (he doesn't sit still longer than a few minutes without seat belts), and when they fall asleep, they don't fall out of the seat. So glad we have CARES!!!

avatarI know most people use this system on the airlines but I use it on my own personal airplane. Our Cessna 180 Skywagon was a bush plane on floats in Canada in its past. The rear seat is a canvas sling, like a hammock. You can't get a car seat in it so I had to put my grandkid's seat in the front. With the bulk of the car seat, It made it hard on landing to pull the yoke all the way back. When I bought the Cares system, it solved all the issues. When I put my 3 year old grandaughter in the front with the Cares, I can even pull her seat all the way forward so she feels like she is part of a crew. What a "lifesaver"..

My daughter has never liked car seats, so we didn't want to take one on the plane. This has proven to be the perfect solution. We've flown with her all over the US and even to Berlin, Germany. This is small, portable, and makes me feel like she's much safer. I'm getting another one for her brother, now that he's big enough to sit in his own seat.

avatarWe have used my daughter's CARES system on many flights over the last year. It makes everything so much easier when we travel. Security is a breeze with no car seat. The CARES restraint fits in my purse so it's easy to carry on the plane. Setting it up and taking it down takes just a few seconds, it's just like a seat belt. I can't say enough good things about the CARES Child Aviation Restraint System. I tell everyone to get it, I wouldn't travel without it. Thank you!

avatarOur first trip to Disney and she was so comfy in CARES she slept the whole way. People asked about the product. It was great and much better than using a car seat, Thanks for making our trip less hectic.

New York
avatarWe have used CARES with both of our boys on multiple flights since the early days of the product. It is the perfect product! We also love the instructional DVD which came with the restraint. Thank you!