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Our Triplets are now 4 and a half! When we purchased our CARES they were 2 years old and we were in Okinawa, Japan and on our way back to the United States. Since that time the Marine Corps has moved us from California to Arizona. The CARES restraints worked amazing on the over 16 hour plane trip back to the US. We were so thankful to not have to carry 3 car seats through multiple airports as well as worry about three 2 year olds and carry-on luggage! They were easily stowed into our carry-ons and off we went to our next plane! Thank you so much!

Used CARES for our then 13 Month old son on a flight from Nuremberg to Munich with Augsburg Airline (Regional airline of Lufthansa) and with Lufthansa from Munich to Beijing. We had no discussions with the flight crew, they were rather curious and interested in the system. Good experience, much more convenient than the car seat and much better accepted by our child.

avatarThe CARES harness mimics the same sort of belt and buckle that a car seat uses and so there really wasn’t anything different as far as Anna’s experience. Even though she knows that when she’s in her car seat she isn’t allowed to try to unbuckle herself and needs to sit in her seat, I was amazed at how seamlessly she transitioned to using this harness on the plane. And, miracle of miracles, she sat through the entire flight without making a peep.

New Hampshire
avatarI travel often with my two girls and having one less bulky thing to carry is awesome!! My 4 year old calls the CARES her "special seat" and always carries it on the plane by herself. Thank you CARES!!!

avatarI tell all the BCM moms [Big City Moms] to buy CARES - it truly made our first flight without the car seat stress free!

New York
CARES was so easy to install and my daughter got to sit in a seat just like her big cousin and she loved it. We love it. It was so small and fit in my carry on easily. Using this gave us the ability to use all the tray tables and under seat storage. My daughter could comfortably watch a movie, read books, color, play with toys and cuddle with my arm with ease, but was restrained well in her seat. It was easy to get her out to go to the bathroom and she really didn't seem to fuss much about it at all. If someone is going to fly with their children I would totally recommend it. In fact, it may be a gift I start giving to my friend I know are travelers.

avatarIt was great..convenient and very easy to use!! Rose liked her big girl seat and to her it felt familiar just like her car seat harness. We will definitely be using it on future trips and I will be recommending it to other moms! A man said to me..."I've been flying for a long time and you are the first person I've ever seen strap your baby in....good for you!"

avatarBeing a single mom I was worried on how I could handle the airport myself with my 2 year old daughter, until I discovered the CARES harness. It was a life saver! Installing it was super easy and it fit right inside my purse. My daughter was happy because she felt like a big kid and could look out the window the whole trip. Thanks to the CARES harness I will never worry about traveling alone again.

avatarMy husband's a pilot and we travel a lot. By the time my oldest son was a year old he had been on over 20 round trip flights. Most of the time I traveled with him alone. It was so difficult to get down the aisle of the plane with him and the car seat. We don't feel comfortable traveling with our children on our lap and have always got them their own seats. I would put him in a baby sling and hold the car seat above my head while trying to fit down the aisle. It was horrible. When we discovered CARES it was a dream come true. If I need my car seat I gate check it. Then I walk on the plane holding my tiny little CARES bag. I just traveled alone with my 1 and 3 year old boys and it was so easy. Thank You!!!

avatarWhere have you been all my life! I was a flight attendant for a major airline for almost 20 years and watched mothers and fathers alike struggle with their car seats on the airplane! I can't tell you how many times I have lost the skin on my knuckles or bruised myself helping folks properly secure the over sized car seats and having families move their car seats to the window after they have settled because the seat blocked the access of the passengers to the center aisle. So, now I am a mom and by the time I had the chance to use your product my daughter was almost 4 years old so our "use" was limited due to her height and weight but THANK YOU for the time I had with CARES - I am a believer and tell everyone I can about CARES and the safety it provides and the ease of use and how light weight it is.

South California