What Users Say

avatarWe bought the CARES system back in June 2010, for my son who was then about 20 months old. We were heading to Mexico, wouldn't need a car seat there, but really need something more sufficient than the lap belt on the plane. We LOVE it. We have since used it multiple times to go to both Mexico and California and plan to use it again this September. After that, we'll be ready to pass it down to our next child who we are expecting later this year! Thanks for a great product!

avatarJust another happy CARES customer sitting comfortably doing some serious reading. Thanks for such a great product!

avatarWe have been using cares for roughly 3 years. We had three children under 3, so currently have two kiddos with Cares belts. We will be purchasing a third cares belt for our youngest next September for another Australia - Texas flight! Thank you for Cares. We couldn't do the 18+ hour flight (with three under 4 years old) without you! I have passed your information to all of my Mummy friends down under! I hope the airlines will start providing them soon to ensure their little passengers are safe! Keep doing what you do!

Sydney, Australia
The CARES harness is the best friend to a family traveling with a small child. I bought it for my older son, Jacob, several years ago, and now use it for my little guy, Kade. Both my boys liked sitting in a "big boy" seat on the plane, and I loved knowing they were safe from turbulence or wiggling out of their seatbelt. I will soon pass it down to my nephews/nieces, when my Kaden outgrows it. Thank you for developing the harness, as flying with two kids, a carseat/infantseat, and diaper bag was awful! I strap on the backpack with the harness packed inside, and I have two hands free to hold my boys' hands while in the airport or when boarding the plane. Such a huge relief!!!

We hear nothing but oohs and aahs when we use our CARES restraint. Our daughter feels very special when we use it on plane rides and she is right!

avatarWe flew with this to Florida and it was fabulous. I was worried it would annoy the person behind her, but it was completely unobtrusive, and comfortable for Amelia. We're flying to Italy this summer, and CARES will certainly be coming along for the long, long flights back and forth!

New York
avatarOur 2 daughters have special needs and low muscle tone which makes it difficult for them to sit upright for long periods of time. We were concerned that they would have trouble sitting up for over 2 hours in the upright airplane seat. Our car seats are so large we didn’t want to use them on the plane. We purchased the CARES straps and were very happy with the way the straps helped the girls sit upright comfortably in their seats. Our first flight with the girls went so well we hope to fly again with them and use CARES!

Christa and Steve
avatarWe were one of the pioneers using CARES and we are still thrilled with our safety belt to this day. My son is so secure and I have such a piece of mind! Thank you!!

I know you get a million emails a week, but two years later we are still using the first CARES we bought and just ordered a second one. Thanks to your family for creating this product - it is a true example of good old Yankee ingenuity in action.

Mark and Beth
avatarThe first time I was faced with the prospect of flying with my twin girls I wondered how I would get through the airport with the stroller and the car seats and the toy bag..Ughh!! Then I found these restraints. WOW! It was so easy and no stroller was required to cart their stuff. Three years later, my kids now think of putting their cares belts on as a regular part of flying.