CARES March ’12 Newsletter

March 7th, 2012


CARES Child Aviation Restraint System has been nominated for the Cribsie award! Imagine, after all these years CARES is still being nominated and winning awards.

CARES has been chosen as a Finalist in the Gear category, for “The One Thing You Should Never Travel Without” award.

The Cribsie Awards are the definitive awards for the parenting industry. Moms, Dads and other Fans get to elect their favorite brands and products from the best-of-the-best across six categories.This is an announcement I am personally gratified to make! A larger version of CARES for older/larger special needs flyers up to 6 feet tall that need additional upper body support was just approved by the US Federal Aviation Administration. Like CARES, “Special CARES” is manufactured by AmSafe Aviation. It looks and is used like the regular CARES, except the vertical black straps are longer and will extend to fit a person as tall as 6 ft. Larger special needs flyers need to apply only once to the FAA for a permit that will allow them to use Special CARES whenever they fly. The details of how to make this request, and the forms to use, can be found on the website by clicking here. Special CARES can be purchased on the Buy Page of the website.

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Special CARES

Late last year the FAA approved a larger version of CARES, called Special CARES. It looks and is used just like the regular CARES, except the vertical shoulder straps are longer. These straps will extend to fit a person as tall as 6 feet. In order to use Special CARES, a letter (called an exemption letter) is needed from the FAA that allows you to use Special CARES. The details of how to make this request, and the forms to use, can be found on the website.

What to Expect When You Request a FAA Exemption:

Expect to wait approximately 1 month for your letter to arrive. Although this is a fairly streamlined and fast process, each exemption is individually reviewed by a small team of technical analysts at the FAA. It takes time to give each request the individual attention it deserves.

What if My Letter Doesn’t Arrive in Time for my Trip?

Relax! The good news is that you can still use your CARES restraint for most of the flight. Without your exemption letter, you will not be allowed to use it during ground movement, take-off, or landing, but you CAN use it during the rest of the flight.

Special CARES can be purchased on the Buy Now Page of website.

Plane Safety

Consumer awareness about traveling safely on a plane continues to grow. Professional and government agencies such as the FAA, National Transportation and Safety Board (NTSB), American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), and Child Passenger Safety advocates, recommend that ALL passengers travel in their own seats, and be properly restrained -even flyers under 2 years of age.

  • Buy The Ticket – Children under two are not required to be in their own seat, but it is absolutely safer, and your child is worth it.
  • Turbulence Will Happen – Not if, when. And when it does you want to be buckled up. That’s why airlines always suggest you stay in your seat with your seat belt buckled, even when it is “safe” to move around the cabin.
  • Young children should be in an approved child restraint, either a FAA approved car seat, if it fits, or CARES Child Aviation Restraint.

If Wishes Were Fishes…

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Safe Travels!

Margaret Zukas,
Product Manager, CARES
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