CARES Winter 2011 Newsletter

December 7th, 2011

The Numbers Continue To Grow

I am delighted to report that Kids Fly Safe has just sold its 100,000th CARES! This has been a goal ever since the Federal Aviation Administration announced the certification of CARES in the fall of 2006 – the first ever, and still only – child aviation restraint it has ever approved. It would have been impossible, then, to imagine that CARES would someday be sold in hundreds of bricks & mortar and web stores across the US and Canada, in the UK and a dozen European countries, in Australia and New Zealand, in the Middle East, the Far East and Africa. Our three newest international stores are in the Yukon Territory in northern Canada, in Poland and in Ireland, and all these stores can be found on the “Where to Buy” page of the website.

Special News about “Special CARES”

This is an announcement I am personally gratified to make! A larger version of CARES for older/larger special needs flyers up to 6 feet tall that need additional upper body support was just approved by the US Federal Aviation Administration. Like CARES, “Special CARES” is manufactured by AmSafe Aviation. It looks and is used like the regular CARES, except the vertical black straps are longer and will extend to fit a person as tall as 6 ft. Larger special needs flyers need to apply only once to the FAA for a permit that will allow them to use Special CARES whenever they fly. The details of how to make this request, and the forms to use, can be found on the website by clicking here. Special CARES can be purchased on the Buy Page of the website.

Where In your Community Should CARES be Sold?

Because CARES users are our best fans and our best scouts, we always ask you to tell us which stores in your area should be selling CARES? Drop us an email and let us know!

Send Us Your Photos of Kids in CARES

We love to receive photos of your kids in CARES to post on the website. Email them to: with a note giving permission to post them. We use first names only.

And Now A Personal Note

Dear Friends,

My decade long love affair with Kids Fly Safe is winding down. It has been a little over 10 years since I watched with dismay as my very pregnant daughter carrying a toddler, a car seat, and a diaper bag struggled off a plane. No one helped her. I knew there had to be a better way! I began to draw pictures of what a practical airplane restraint for kids would look like: lightweight, portable, easy to install – belts and buckles like the flight attendants used – and those sketches eventually became the CARES child aviation restraint! It took 2 years to obtain the CARES patent; 1 year to find the perfect manufacturer – AmSafe Aviation, the company that makes most of the world’s airplane seatbelts; and 3 plus years for the FAA to complete their tests and certify CARES for all phases of flight on every US airplane. The certification is robust: no US airline can prevent a parent from using CARES.

Creating and selling CARES, and now its companion product, Special CARES, for older and larger flyers who need extra upper body support, has made this past decade interesting, challenging, and gratifying for me. From readers of this periodic CARES Newsletter I have received heart warming notes: terrific tips on which stores in your area should be selling CARES, and practical advice as well. For instance, CARES being manufactured now have a tab for your contact information so if accidentally left in the airplane, your CARES can be returned.

But now, as we cross the 100,000th sale, it is time for me to move on.

Fortunately, Kids Fly Safe and CARES will move forward in the best possible hands. AmSafe Aviation, the company that shepherded CARES through the FAA process, and has manufactured CARES from the beginning, is the new owner of Kids Fly Safe. Margaret Zukas, an AmSafe Aviation retail expert, ( will head up the CARES team effective December 1st. The future of CARES is bright in her hands.

I thank you for all these years of support and good ideas, and wish you many years of safe and happy flying with your kids and grandkids.

Louise Stoll,
Managing Director, Kids Fly Safe LLC