Blog Reviews of CARES

August 16th, 2011

Here are some of the comments bloggers have made about CARES in the last year:

“The CARES harness was not only wonderful to use on the plane itself but it also meant that we didn’t have to worry about dragging a car seat all over the place. Often when traveling you can’t check-in to your hotel early or there is some kind of delay and hauling that heavy, cumbersome seat with us everywhere would be a real inconvenience. Since the CARES harness is approved by the FAA and is constructed of the same material the adult airplane seatbelts are made of, I felt very comfortable entrusting Anna’s safety to this product. But I was thrilled beyond words to discover how simple it really made our flight experience with a toddler!”

“I was so happy to have some peace on the flight, and it wasn’t just because of the quiet. I also had peace of mind knowing my son was much safer wearing this CARES harness seat belt. And it is really easy to use it. It just slides down around the seat, you tighten it and then the lap belt loops through the bottom. It is also easy to adjust to fit your child just right. It only takes one minute! I completely recommend this to anyone who is flying with toddlers. It is a must have!”

“If you fly once a year this product is worth the investment. It is safer than the aircraft lap belt, much easier to travel with than a car seat, and will give your child room. (You won’t have to spend the flight telling your daughter not to kick the seat in front of her.)”

“Having the CARES harness along for our trip helped keep everything in order without the bulk and extra weight. Our son stayed buckled securely for most of the trip, which gave me the peace of mind I am always looking for without the stress of lugging around an extra piece of gear.”

“As a flight attendant, one of the most common questions I receive from traveling families is ‘Have you ever heard of the CARES Restraint System? Is it really that easy?’ Well, thanks to Kids Fly Safe, not only can I say I have heard about it but I’ve also had the opportunity to actually see one for myself. We loved using the CARES Restraint System and would highly recommend it to anyone traveling with young children.”

“One of the most helpful devices that we used on our trip to Florida was the CARES Aviation Restraint, which is essentially a seat belt for children to be used on an airplane. It can be used on kids 22-44 lbs. It still boggles my mind that airlines don’t have some sort of seat belt for kids, especially for how easy it was for my son to buckle and unbuckle the regular seat belt (in fact, he had fun doing that). It was so much simpler than lugging a car seat on board, since the belt fits right inside my carry-on and includes its own bag.”

“On the three and a half hour trip to Kansas City, my son probably slept for 2+ hours in the seat next to his dad. He never once argued about wearing the CARES. And, it’s worth mentioning that the toddler in the seat behind us was also strapped into a CARES. There were no tears and no stressed out parents in our section of the plane!”

“My daughter was so cute on the plane and the CARES, Child Aviation Restraint System allowed us the same setup that we would get from her car seat. We even got a comment from the flight attendant saying she wishes more kids were restrained using this system and she was so happy and excited to see us using one. CARES is the perfect alternative to a car seat and is light and fits nicely in your carry-on luggage in the provided carrying bag.”

“I have seen so many moms and dads lugging heavy and bulky car seats through the airport for their kiddo to use on the plane. With the CARES you don’t have to! Simply check your carseat and pick it up when you arrive at your destination. CARES takes the place of a carseat in flight.”

“If you’re planning on traveling with your kids this summer, I highly recommend this safety product called CARES– it saved me on a recent flight with my two-year-old daughter: I was dreading carrying all the gear plus that heave car seat for the plane. This amazing invention is a strap that is secured to the actual plane seat. It attaches into the buckle and over the back of the seat chair. I’m nervous enough about flying with all the kids, now with one less thing to schlep, I was thrilled!”

“We fly often, so the convenience factor alone made CARES a great purchase. More importantly, it gives me peace of mind knowing that my daughter is safely secured in her seat. I find that it makes the whole flying process a much smoother one, and keeps me from holding up the line of passengers waiting to board.”

“The CARES comes with a travel bag, an instructional DVD and super easy to use. Easily slide over the seat of the chair under the lap tray, pulling securely, slide seat belt through the loops, buckle and use the adjustable should straps and chest clip to get the perfect fit. If you are traveling, this is perfect way to keep your little one safe!”

“A few years ago I flew alone with my 1-year-old son (he was almost two). I held him in my lap as thoughts of how unsafe it felt drifted in and out of my head. There had to be a better way to travel with this child. He screamed the entire flight, kicked the guy’s seat in front of us over and over, and I, silently, cried into his back. CARES really makes it simple. We want our children to be safe while flying, but we also need to keep our sanity throughout the process. CARES, in my opinion, the perfect option for families with young children in the air.”

“Instead of one single lap belt on a standard airline seat, the CARES harness creates a 4 point restraint harness, similar to the restraints used in car seats, that secure your child for the duration of the flight. Additionally, I have found that active toddlers are much easier to contain when they are strapped in securely using their CARES harness and are unable to twist out of their seats.”

“When we boarded the airplane it took my husband around 2 minutes to get it all set up. We simply placed him in his seat. Lowered the tray table behind his seat, wrapped the red loop around and closed the tray, then proceeded to adjust it to his shoulder height and waist. We told him it was his airplane pilot seatbelt and he was thrilled. He felt like he was flying the plane. He was safe and it kept him in his seat the entire flight of 90 minutes. It comes in its own convenient bag and I was able to stick it right in our carry-on bag. What’s great is it fits any child from 1 year (22 to 44 pounds).”

“The very first time we lugged my son’s car seat all over LAX, I vowed to get online and figure out a way to bypass that entire process (safely of course). In my opinion and experience, CARES is the only safe, convenient solution to flying with a child. Once your child is old enough to sit in his/her own seat (around 1 and weighs at least 22 pounds), he/she can use this in place of a car seat on an airplane without compromising safety. Apart from the fact that it is ultra-convenient, it provides an additional level of safety for children who can sit in their own seat but may be too small to withstand the jolts and turbulence inherent in-flight.”

“With two little guys (20 months and 42 months if we count that way), we were dragging TWO CAR SEATS onto an airplane. Ugh. On our family trip to Hawaii, we tried something different. Holden wore the new CARES (Child Aviation Restraint) system. It’s an FAA-approved restraint system that loops around the seat back and the seat belt to give him more security than a regular airplane seatbelt while also making it that much harder for him to kick the seat in front of him (legs too short – ha ha!)”

“I can’t believe I flew with my son in his own plane seat without one of these. It obviously adds an important layer of safety to the trip, but also helped to keep him nice and secure next to me. The alternative of carrying a large car seat to keep him secure seems so silly when you can throw the CARES in the stroller basket or diaper bag.”

“My daughter was really happy to be able to sit in her own seat and, while being safe and secure, she wasn’t confined like she would have been in a car seat. She was easily able to eat, sleep and stay comfortable and I had no fears of her bouncing around if we came across any turbulence. When we arrived at our destination, our big, heavy car seat was waiting for us with at baggage claim with no problems.”

“For the two-plus hour flight from Orlando to Boston, I was not interrupted by my son complaining about being buckled in, and he was much more contented than other children I witnessed climbing all over the aircraft without any seat belt being used except for takeoff and landing. I was actually very close to offering up the harness to the family aside of us who probably could have gotten much better use out of it than we did! One might almost wonder why the airlines do not make these available to all families flying with younger children. It is a great concept that keeps kids safer than just using a lap belt.”

“As the mother of two children close in age, I understand the hassle of lugging a car seat through airports. The last time my family (husband, two children and two teenage step-sons) flew together we looked like the circus passing through town with two car seats, a stroller and load of carry-on bags. When I heard there was an FAA approved airplane child harness called CARES my first thought was, it’s about time!”