CARES Winter 2010 Newsletter

December 7th, 2010


CARES just had its third birthday! Looking back at more than a decade since the idea for CARES “struck” me in the fall of 1999, I’ve nearly forgotten the anxious years of waiting for the patent to come through, of finding the right manufacturer, and of moving the CARES prototype built by AmSafe Aviation through the FAA literally “inch by inch”, until it emerged in September 2006 as the first-ever FAA-certified child aviation restraint. It hardly seems possible that there are 55,000 CARES out there now. And a generation of kids have no doubt outgrown the current certification ceiling of 44 lbs (we’re still working on raising that). I’d love to know what you’ve done with outgrown CARES!

KEEP KIDS SAFE: CAR Seats for Cars – CARES for Planes

This year help us make CARES as mainstream in planes as car seats are in cars. A letter to your favorite airline urging them to make CARES available to every youngster the way they provide “extender belts” to big people is a good start. And if you live in the US, a letter to your member of Congress wouldn’t hurt!


CARES has caught up with the times! Meet other users, tell your CARES stories, and stay up to date on CARES news…Become a fan of CARES on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!


CARES is now available in stores around the globe. Besides Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, which caught on early, CARES can be purchased in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Okinawa, China, the Philippines, the UK, France, Switzerland, Germany, Norway, Japan, and very soon Italy and Israel. Check the “Where To Buy” page for a current listing.

We’re still asking you, our users and potential users, to tell us where in your neighborhood or city you think CARES should be sold – that’s how we find our new stores. We know that the “WhereTo Buy” page is the most frequently visited page on our website, so people really do want to “see the merchandise”. Let us know!


If you haven’t lately, come take a look at To make it easier for our international buyers and parents of special needs kids and multiples, we’ve created focused landing pages.

Check out the website from time to time, as we will soon start posting a serialized paper on the History of Child Restraints.

Also – note the list of International airlines that you’ve told us permit CARES (listed in the FAQs), and let us know if we should add others. And please continue to send us your kids in CARES photos and your personal stories of flying with children.

Regards to all, and have a happy and healthy 2010. Stay warm if you’re above the equator, and cool if you are below!