CARES Fall 2010 Newsletter

October 7th, 2010

NTSB Raises Visibility of CHILD SAFETY in Airplanes

The National Transportation Safety Board, America’s “watch dog” for all mass transportation, has taken aim at unsafe practices in the aviation world ! In their latest NTSB Safety Alert they identified child passenger safety on aircraft as one of the top 10 transportation issues that have to be addressed! The NTSB wants every child to be in his/her own seat and in an appropriate child restraint (like CARES) until they are old enough to brace in the event of turbulence and rough landings. No more lap kids, no more small kids with just a seat belt! Check their website: NTSB Child Passenger Safety on Aircraft.

The NTSB will be holding an important conference on child aviation safety in December, and needs to hear from you now!

Where Can You Buy CARES?

The “Where To Buy” section of the website lists the stores where CARES can be purchased. CARES can be found in nearly 175 “brick and mortar” stores in the US (listed by state) and in Canada (listed by province). In addition, many popular web stores sell CARES in North America.

Outside of North America the stores are posted under the country in which they are located. CARES can be purchased in the UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Holland and Norway. In Asia, CARES is available in Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, and Okinawa, and just starting to be sold in China. It has been popular in Australia and New Zealand for a long time. There is a CARES re-seller in South Africa, a new re-seller in Dubai, and soon to be a re-seller in Israel.

The History of Child Restraints…Part 2

The second installment of “How and When People Started To Worry About Child Restraints” has been added to the website. It’s a circuitous and interesting tale. Check it out!

Seat Solutions

Over the years we have heard about airplane seat conditions that require a bit of tweaking to help CARES work well.

Faced With a Recessed Tray on your Seat?

If you encounter an airplane with recessed trays – trays that fit into an indentation on the back of the seat – the FAA instructions for using CARES are to install the CARES OVER the closed tray. Because the most critical times for using CARES – take off, landing and turbulence – are also the times when the trays must be stowed, and because it takes only a minute to install CARES, and less to remove it, this does not seriously inconvenience the person who would use that tray. This situation is found mostly in older planes and this design is being phased out. Our users report that passengers are, on the whole, very cooperative.

Faced with a well worn (slippery) leather airplane seat?

To prevent your child from sliding on these older leather airplane seats that are sometimes slick, be sure your child is sitting upright and that the CARES buckles and seat belt are snuggly fit. Some of our users carry a small square of rubber shelf lining material for their child to sit on. It will fit in the CARES carry sack, and if the airplane seat bottom is really slippery, helps to keep your child upright.

Have a sleeping child?

Mostly kids sleep quite comfortably in a CARES. Check out the Photo Gallery on the Website. Some parents fold up a T shirt or sweat shirt and tuck it between the child’s shoulder and cheek to create a little pillow. Others use an inflatable “U” shaped or square pillow for the same effect. Yet others tilt the airplane back a bit – as they do when they themselves choose to sleep. What you don’t want to do is take your child out of the CARES – turbulence can happen with no advance warning.

The First “Multiples”

We recently heard from the first family with triplets who bought CARES over 3 years ago when it was brand new! She was a military mom who needed to fly alone from Japan to Germany with 3 little ones to join her husband. The notion was so graphically startling that we initiated – then and there – our “multiples discount program.” She has now passed her three CARES on to another family with triplets!

Outgrown CARES?

We would love to hear what you have done – or plan to do – with your CARES when they have been outgrown? Remember – adoption agencies and, nursery schools are good places to find new users”, and older, larger kids with disabilities can obtain FAA permission to continue using the CARES.

Where Else Needs CARES?

There are over 70,000 CARES “out there” now, and CARES can be purchased in over 200 stores across the US and Canada, and several dozen more around the globe. But we always ask….is there a store in your area that isn’t selling CARES that you think should be? If so – please let us know!


We’re collecting photos of kids in CARES for our website….check out the lovely pictures we have, and please email yours to us along with your CARES stories.

Regards to all, and have a happy, healthy, and safe end of year. Enjoy the crisp air if you are above the equator and the warming sun if you are below!

Louise Stoll, Managing Director, Kids Fly Safe, LLC
(and the grandma who invented CARES).