CARES Winter 2008 Newsletter

December 7th, 2008

CARES named Best Product of the Year

CARES was just picked for the coveted “Good Buy 2008 Award” by the famous consumer product testing laboratory — the Good Housekeeping Research Institute. They tested over 2000 products and selected only 8 – calling out CARES’ “innovation and ability to make lives easier and safer… its ingenuity, value and exceptional performance, and ability to satisfy a well established household need.” The gala event in New York City was a kick!

CARES Welcomes Canada!

Canada just announced its long awaited certification of CARES, joining the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore in welcoming CARES aboard their planes. If you’re flying a Canadian airline in the near future, we suggest you carry the certification document with you as flight crews may not yet be familiar with the new regulation. Read more by clicking here or from the website In-flight Documents page. (Check our Customer Service page for how to buy or ship internationally.)

CARES on the Conference Circuit

CARES exhibited recently at the American Academy of Pediatrics Annual meeting in San Francisco and at the Safe Kids World Wide Leadership Conference in Washington DC. Our new CARES “rack card” brochures have now found their way into the offices of lots of doctors and safety instructors… Ask your Pediatrician or Family Doctor if they want a stack, email us their addresses, and we’ll get them out promptly! Grows Up!

Check out the new installation video and In-Flight Documents page, the ever growing, adorable, Kids in CARES Photo Gallery, (our most visited page) and the better organized News and Press page. Each month we also add new comments to What Users Say – and we would love to have your story!

Hitting the Blogs

We’re curious: how did all you 16,000 folks who have already bought CARES hear about it in the first place? What’s the best way to get the word out to more potential users? We want your help! CARES has been blessed with good media coverage, and awards like the one from Good Housekeeping make a difference. But we suspect that word of mouth and the family, travel, and mommy blogs play a big role. Drop us a line about how you first heard about CARES – and, if you’re inclined, post a note about CARES on your favorite blog to help spread the word!

CARES to a Store Near You

CARES is moving into stores! In the last Newsletter we asked : “If you wanted to buy CARES in a store, where in your area would you think to shop?” Your response was immediate and enthusiastic – and we are working our way through the long list of stores you recommended all over the country. For starters, CARES can now be found at Albees in NYC; Isis Maternity; and Magic Beans in Boston; Lullaby Lane in San Bruno, CA; Segals in Portland, OR; and Kidstown in Burlington, VT. Our goal is a store in every major metropolitan area of the US by the end of 2008.

Thanks for your help in getting the word out about CARES and for all your great CARES stories – don’t forget those photos of your kids in CARES!

Happy Flying,

Louise Stoll, Managing Director, Kids Fly Safe, LLC (and the inventor)