CARES Summer 2008 Newsletter

July 7th, 2008

Hi Old Friends and New:

Welcome to the Summer 2008 Kids Fly Safe Newsletter!The first thing you’ll notice if you’ve beenwith us for a while is that the CARES website has grown up to keep pace with CARES’ ever growing user group, ourexpanding international certifications and retail selling venues, and the increased diversity of the people who visit our site.

The Website Grows Up

The new www.kidsflysafe.comwebsite has all the same informative and useful material you’ve told us was important to you–and much more. You’ll find the list of retail stores where CARES is currently being sold; the original test videos the FAA used in its approval process; dozens more photos and parent/grandparent comments; an easier format to findcertification documents – domestic as well as international – you should carry when you travel abroad; the updatedlist of Frequently Asked Questions (and their answers); and the most recent awards CARES has received – including significant international recognition.Please send us your photos and stories about traveling with CARES.We would love to post them with our Caring Stories so that others can benefit from your experiences.

We Have Met the Bloggers – And They Are Us!

An important change in our new website is the interactive fun and information we know you will enjoy from our growing relationship with the Blogging community. Yes, we found out that CARES owners talk to each other – and that this has been the most potent “highway” for “spreading the word” about CARES! So we have opened our space to family, children, travel, and “active life” blogs – and each month we will feature a “Blog of the Month”, linking to it as well as to other blogs that have reviewed and talked about CARES. It’s a whole new world out there for us… so let me begin by thanking you all, and encouraging you to connect with us if you are blogging!

How Are We Doing?

Many of you have written to tell us that “CARES is a product whose time has come” – and you are being proven right with every passing day. Kids Fly Safe has now sold upward of 20,000 CARES through – and thousands more through retail stores and other websites that we have connected with only in the last few months. Check our website for the list of nearly 2 dozen retail stores in the US and Canada now selling CARES. All of these stores were recommended by readers of the last CARES newsletter. I have you to thank for bringing us into your community! If you don’t see a store near you on that list – please send us your suggestion for one and the next time you drop by that store ask – casually of course – if they carry CARES! Every store that now carries CARES tells us they were responding to inquiries by customers!

CARES Receives International Recognition

CARES recently won the prestigiousCrystal Cabin Award at the International Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, Germany, sharing the award with – of all companies – Airbus! Since we are heading to international ground in the coming months, the Crystal Cabin Award was sweet to win. So far this year CARES has also won the Good Housekeeping 2008 Good Buy Award (one of 8 products out of 2000 evaluated); The 2008 Gold National Parenting Publications Award (NAPPA); the Family Review Center Award; and Mom’s Best Award.

CARES is for Everyone

CARES has become recognized – and is being used by – some families whose kids have disabilities as a possible solution to making travel easier. If you are a parent, grandparent or friend of a child with special needs who has used CARES, please take a minute to email us and let us know how CARES worked for you. We would like to post your stories and pictures in order to get the word out that all young travelers deserve a safe, comfortable and convenient airplane seat.For one such story, check out Children’s Neurobiological Solutions website.

Small Design Changes End Most In–flight Squabbles

Although nearly all US airlines have done a good job updating their staff so they all know that CARES is an FAA certified child aviation restraint, we still get a few complaints each month aboutflight attendants who insist that “only car seats are allowed” or that “harnesses aren’t allowed”.That’s why we encourage you to download the FAA website “Child Safety on Airplanes” from our in–flight documents on the website and carry it with you. More importantly, our manufacturer, AmSafe Aviation, has recently changed the location of the FAA certification label on the CARES now being manufactured – affixing it to the very front of the red loop.This should help if you get questions.Also – remember to ask to see the Flight Manual that is in every cockpit and is required to be updated annually – and you will find the CARES in it as an approved child restraint. U.S Airlines DO NOT have the right to keep you from using your CARES!

What About International Airlines?

CARES has now been certified by Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and Singapore, in addition to the US, and is also permitted to fly on the airlines of many European Union, Asian, South American and African countries that accept the FAA certification. We are in the process of compiling that list. PLEASE LET US KNOW YOUR EXPERIENCE ON THESE AIRLINES.

Thanks for helping us “get the word out” about CARES; Remember to please send us photos of your kids in CARES to post on our website and tell us how your trip went! Happy Flying and let us hear from you.


Louise Stoll, Managing Director, Kids Fly Safe, LLC (and the grandma who invented CARES)