CARES Fall 2007 Newsletter

October 7th, 2007

Time Flies, Too!

Unbelievable! CARES has just celebrated its first anniversary. Compared to the years of design, patenting, intensive research and testing, and bureaucratic process that preceded the FAA certification announcement for our child safety harness for airplanes in September 2006, this year has sped by on wings for the CARES family! Now, a year later, nearly 14,000 CARES child safety harnesses are flying around out there – nearly all purchased via the website. Letters and emails come daily from pleased parents – click on What Users Say to read some of them.

CARES Goes Retail!

CARES has taken a big leap and begun to expand beyond the website to the world of retail stores. KidsTown in Burlington, Vermont and Lullaby Lane in San Bruno, California (just south of San Francisco) are the first two stores to carry CARES. More are in the works. We’re looking for the right stores all over the country, stores that sell quality children’s gear as well as travel stores, so let us know where in your area you would want to shop for a CARES, the world’s first and only FAA certified child safety harness for airplanes.

Where in the World Is CARES Flying?

CARES continues to make big strides on its trek toward worldwide certification. The big news is that the UK (England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland) has just joined Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore in certifying CARES for its airlines. Certification is currently still pending in the European Union and Canada.

The “Kids in CARES” Photo Gallery Flourishes!

The Kids in CARES photo gallery on this website grows daily and is the most frequently visited page on our website. What a collection of adorable kids in CARES ! Check it out. One pleasant surprise is to see how many kids sleep comfortably in their CARES.

CARES on the Conference Circuit.

CARES is making its debut at two important conferences this fall: the Safe Kids World Wide Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C. and the American Academy of Pediatrics Annual Meeting in San Francisco. If you are attending either of these events, please come by our booth and say hello!

Who’s Talking About CARES?

CARES continues to be featured on news programs and in magazine and newspaper articles about travel and kids – like USA Today, the Miami Herald, the Arizona Republic, and Grand Magazine – as well as on lots of mommy and travel blogs. A few to follow up are:;;;; and

Airlines Welcoming CARES

Flight attendants are becoming our best fans! Most of them learned about CARES from their annual update training or from other flight attendants, but now many have actually seen CARES in action and are helping to spread the word. Still, we advise parents to carry a copy of the FAA website ‘Child Safety on Airplanes’ when they fly. And if you really want to learn about aviation child restraints and our child safety harness, read the FAA Advisory Circular 120-87A ‘Use of Child Restraint Systems on Aircraft’. Both of these documents can be downloaded from the top of the News and Links page of the website.

Thanks for helping to get the word out about CARES. Please continue to send us your CARES stories – the good ones and the problem ones – as well as photos of your kids in CARES! And check the website from time to time to see what new users are saying about our child safety harness and catch up on the latest press.

Happy Flying,

Louise Stoll, Managing Director, Kids Fly Safe, LLC (and the inventor)